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As part of our website audit, below are some of the areas we’ll assess…

How fast is your website – Over 40% of people leave a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

Is your website Mobile-friendly – Mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.

Search results – Can your customers find you on Google, or are you losing out to your competitors?

Is your website error-free – A free website health check will point out any HTML, CSS or XML coding errors.

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Free Website Health Check

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What is a Website Health Check?

A website health check is an audit of everything related to your website’s health and level of search visibility.

An audit of your website will give you a greater understanding of your site’s performance. It will show your website’s ability/ or lack of, in generating traffic. This information will give you an insight into improving your sales and conversions.

Why do I need a Free Website Health Check?

Every month Google performs its own audit on all our websites and without notice either rewards or penalises our website by way of search engine page ranking.

A free website health check can scan your site for broken links and anchors, slow pages and server issues, missing images and inaccessible pages. This will then help you avoid penalties, and make sure your site is running smoothly and rank as high as possible.

It is also important to note that if your website is more than 4 years old? Chances are you could be missing some important tools to help build your business and increase your sales.

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