Fridge Magnets…

The gift that keeps on giving.

The fridge magnet can be considered a “free” gift,
something of value for nothing.

It’s estimated lifespan is anywhere between 5-10 years

The number of times a refrigerator door is viewed in an average household is approximately 40 per day, meaning that each magnet makes approximately 14,600 impressions per year.

In the 1970’s refrigerator magnets rapidly gained approval from the general public. Magnets with company advertisements were commonly given out for free, and it was discovered that they were incredibly useful at holding notices, photos and drawings on the fridge.

Today, the impact of fridge magnets is widespread throughout the world and more than 80% of all households in developed nations have magnets on their fridge.

The History of Refrigerator Magnets

If you’re a curious person then maybe you’ve stood in front of your fridge and wondered who came up with the idea of fridge magnets.

For starters did you know that the first commercial fridge was invented by a man called Fred W. Wolf in 1913? Also, the widespread use of fridges wasn’t until General Electric started to release the “Monitor-Top” fridge in 1927.

The first fridge magnets designed for the purpose of being used on a fridge were invented by a man called Sam Hardcastle. Sam realized that his magnets had potential and started an advertising company that sold some of the world’s first magnetic fridge advertisements.

The unofficial term for a person who collects magnets is known as a memomagnetist from the Latin word “memoriale” meaning memory and the Greek word “magnetis” meaning magnetic.

Fridge Magnets

Why Fridge Magnets Are Powerful Marketing Tool

Wide Variety of Shapes & Sizes

Fridge magnets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including die-cut to a specific shape tailored to suit your corporate identity.

Magnets are better than the standard calendars that you find on most refrigerator doors, because they are useful and they don’t have an expiry date.

Outstanding Value.

Most marketing tools have limited shelf-lives; some, like letter-box flyers, are maybe only viewed once. Fridge magnets, on the other hand, last years and can be viewed thousands of times – all for a single one-time investment.

They’re not only cost-effective to print, they’re among the cheapest marketing tools per-view you can print.

Easy to distribute.

Because they’re useful, fridge magnets are very easy to distribute. You can hand them out directly to customers, pack them in every shipment, send them to a targeted audience via direct-mail, pass them out at trade shows and other events.

Fridge Magnets are useful

Magnets are popular, because they are decorative and are a useful item (messages, photos can be posted with them). Potential clients will remember you and your service due to constant exposure, they continuously attract attention.

Magnetic foils are durable; they retain shape, resist yellowing, darkening and aging and last for years.

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