Logos and Branding

A logo is for… identification.

It identifies a company or product in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.

A good logo works in the simplest form. It is a memorable representation of your identity and inspires confidence and loyalty in your customers. It should be fresh and original, without visual clichés or amateur effects.

A brand is an… emotion.

Basically, your brand is what your consumers think of you.

The emotion is created by the perceptions of the audience, it’s how people feel when they interact with your company, use your services or products.

A successful logo design starts with....a ‘strategy’

We don’t just design. We ask questions.
We design logos with your target market in mind.

We have spent many years helping businesses like yours stand out from their competitors. Our experience is clear in every logo design we create.

It is important to have a strategy because during this process it helps to:

Explain where you want your business to go (objectives).

Define how it is going to get there (strategy).

Set up a solid foundation before rushing into execution, this way every dollar spent is being used to achieve your goals.

the right direction, can make a big difference

innovative designers

We understand that when you work with a logo designer you want it to be a smooth and supportive process. Instead of frustrating and stressful one, we are here based in Perth to help guide you through the process.

When you work with a cheap logo design freelancers based overseas, they spend little time or thought into the target market of your logo. So you end up with a logo that won’t have anything to do with your brand, or your product/service.

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