Our History

A brief guide to the
History of mediaBoss

The identity of 'mediaBoss' has evolved by following its fresh philosophy of brand development
adapting to the ever-changing face of marketing.

The creation of creative imagery.

When full-time employment at a Perth-based marketing agency ended as a result of the company going into voluntary liquidation, our director Mark seized the opportunity to start his own business. Just like a phoenix from the ashes…

Dedicated, passionate and versatile...

During our time in the industry, we have had the advantage of working with a wide variety of clients, from both small start up businesses to large international brands.

This experience has provided us with the ability to become extremely versatile, adapting specific creative skills to execute each brief with knowledge and expertise.

Our brand emerged as a versatile chameleon, adapting to a constantly changing environment.

The creative imagery brand evolution.

After ten years in the industry, our comical chameleon “Cyril” evolved into to a streamlined corporate brand whilst maintaining the characteristics of the curved tail in our logo.

Creative Imagery continued to increase its strength and capabilities to become a full-service brand agency.
With an outstanding team of talented people, we consistently apply our fresh philosophy to branding development, ensuring that we adapt to the ever-changing face of marketing mediums.

Our approach is simple.
We promise to make working with us easy.

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