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PaintSeal Australia

Paintseal's Gen 3 GlassCoat

Paintseal’s Gen 3 GlassCoat is a complex formula, which, when bonded to your cars surface, creates a hydrophobic ceramic hardened glass finish. Due to the advanced technology, your vehicle will demonstrate some self-cleaning abilities, with the smooth surface it will repel liquids and help against the weather.

Gen 3 GlassCoat delivers exceptional protection in extreme temperatures, and the harshest environments.

Gen 3 GlassCoat utilizes technology so advanced, NASA used it for there space program.

WooCommerce - the most customizable eCommerce
platform for building your online business.

To help Paintseal start selling they’re number one product in Gen 3 GlassCoat across Australia online, we introduced Jonathan to the world’s most customizable eCommerce platform for WordPress…WooCommerce.

Professional Product Photography

Product photography isn’t as simple as pointing and shooting. The ultimate goal is to capture a realistic image of the item. This way potential consumers are able to see exactly what they are getting because they are unable to touch or feel the product.

When it comes to professional looking product photos, using a mobile phone just doesn't cut it.

Product images play an important role in e-commerce. They are often the deciding factor in whether a consumer follows through with the purchase.

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platfor. Which means you can modify and customize anything and everything. Because you have complete control, you can add unlimited products and users, and take unlimited orders.


“The team at mediaBoss helped me create my new website, I was looking to make a corporate website to suit my business, really happy with the result, thanks Mark and the team.

– Jonathan Crompton (Managing Director – Paintseal Australia)

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