Site Not Mobile-Friendly?
Kiss Your Google Rankings Goodbye.

Mobile–Friendly websites… are now more important than ever!

Mobile-friendly websites are now a Google best practice and provide a better overall browsing experience for your website visitors.

Today, more time is spent browsing the internet on mobile devices, than on traditional desktops…

What Does “Mobile Friendly” Even Mean?

According to Google, it means that your site:

  • Does not use software not commonly found on phones (aka Flash).

  • Uses text that can be read without having to zoom in.

  • Auto adjusts website content so users don’t have to rotate their screen or zoom in or out.

  • It places your links an adequate distance apart so it is easy to click on the correct one.

1 in 4 Aussies won’t buy online when a website isn’t mobile friendly.

What You Can Do?

If you have a website and want to check or verify if it is mobile friendly, you can use Google’s “Mobile Friendly Test”.

Use the Google Mobile-Friendly test tool to determine if your website meets the criteria.

User Experience

By understanding your business and your customers’ goals .

We create useful and usable websites that make a difference when your clients interact with your website while using their device of choice.

48% of people consider a website's design to be the most telling factor about the credibility of a business.

Custom WordPress
CMS Websites.

A content management system (aka “CMS”) is a web application that allows website owners to self manage their website i.e. add/edit/delete pages, modify page titles and add images and new products using a client friendly admin panel.

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