Is your website making a great first impression?

first impression
a websites first impression matters

There are now more than 4 billion people around the world using the internet. Well over half of the world’s population is now online. The digital age is well and truly here. So have you considered whether your website design is making a great first impression?

You've got just seconds to make a memorable impact on new visitors to your website.

Good website design is a must in today’s highly visual market. The way your website looks, tells users whether they want to do business with you or not, in just a few seconds.

Today’s customers are more connected than ever, they have greater access to choice and are more demanding than ever before.

Whether they find out about your business through a friend or via the local newspaper. They want to go to your website and find out more about you before making contact.

So you must ask yourself, does your website design reflect how professional you are?

Does it clearly highlight the key factors that set you apart from your competitors?

website design Perth
website design Perth

Website Design and Development

It is so important to have a web design that not only looks great, it must be easy to navigate. Ranks well with Google and most importantly converts visitors to your site into customers.

So you must ask yourself, does your website design reflect how professional you are? Does it clearly highlight the key factors that set you apart from your competitors?

User Experience

By understanding your business and your customers’ goals . We create useful and usable websites that make a difference when your clients interact with your website while using their device of choice.


SEM is “the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing advertisements on search engines like Google.” These advertisements are commonly referred to as pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website for the purpose of receiving organic or natural (free) traffic from search engines.

Looking to Start-Up a Business?
We Can Help.

Quality is the best business plan.

The team at mediaBoss has had the unique privilege of building many new brands from the ground up. Helping them launch into the marketplace and watching them grow, is always gratifying.

Setting up your own business can be an exciting time.

But before you start, save yourself time and money by knowing what’s involved in running a business.

Taking the time to clearly understand what your business stands for will ensure that your brand’s vision, values and unique selling points compel customers to work with you over your competitors.

Building a successful brand

Setting up a solid foundation before rushing into execution, is always the best way to start. This way every dollar spent is being used to achieve your goals, and not wasted on hit and misses.

Explain where you want your business to go (objectives).
Define how it is going to get there (strategy).
Set-up a mutual understanding of the way forward.

STEP 2. Customised WordPress CMS Website.

WordPress has dominated the CMS field with the highest market share. Versatile, flexible, WordPress has all the tools a webmaster needs. It allows you to create and share content of all kinds anywhere in the world.

A content management system (aka “CMS”) is a web application that allows business owners to self manage their website. Add/edit/delete pages, modify page titles and add images using a client-friendly admin panel.

This system saves start-up businesses time and money for any future updates that his wesite may require.

STEP 3. Lead Generation

Our media team specialise in not only traditional advertising, but also digital, social media, and search engine marketing.

We investigate who your target audience is, we research, we plan, we implement.

STEP 1. Logo Design

A logo plays a very vital role in establishing your corporate identity and credibility in the market.

A good logo works in the simplest form. It should be fresh and original, without visual clichés or amateur effects. It must look as good on a business card as it does on a web page or your corporate clothing.

You invest in your branding every time your logo is on display. Whether it be on a web page, a sign, or in an advertisement. A professionally designed logo enables you to be immediately recognizable.

WooCommerce - the most customizable eCommerce
platform for building your online business.

When it comes to selling products and services online, we use the world’s most customizable eCommerce platform for WordPress…WooCommerce.

Fridge Magnets…

Fridge Magnets

The gift that keeps on giving.

The fridge magnet can be considered a “free” gift,
something of value for nothing.

It’s estimated lifespan is anywhere between 5-10 years

The number of times a refrigerator door is viewed in an average household is approximately 40 per day, meaning that each magnet makes approximately 14,600 impressions per year.

In the 1970’s refrigerator magnets rapidly gained approval from the general public. Magnets with company advertisements were commonly given out for free, and it was discovered that they were incredibly useful at holding notices, photos and drawings on the fridge.

Today, the impact of fridge magnets is widespread throughout the world and more than 80% of all households in developed nations have magnets on their fridge.

The History of Refrigerator Magnets

If you’re a curious person then maybe you’ve stood in front of your fridge and wondered who came up with the idea of fridge magnets.

For starters did you know that the first commercial fridge was invented by a man called Fred W. Wolf in 1913? Also, the widespread use of fridges wasn’t until General Electric started to release the “Monitor-Top” fridge in 1927.

The first fridge magnets designed for the purpose of being used on a fridge were invented by a man called Sam Hardcastle. Sam realized that his magnets had potential and started an advertising company that sold some of the world’s first magnetic fridge advertisements.

The unofficial term for a person who collects magnets is known as a memomagnetist from the Latin word “memoriale” meaning memory and the Greek word “magnetis” meaning magnetic.

Fridge Magnets

Why Fridge Magnets Are Powerful Marketing Tool

Wide Variety of Shapes & Sizes

Fridge magnets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including die-cut to a specific shape tailored to suit your corporate identity.

Magnets are better than the standard calendars that you find on most refrigerator doors, because they are useful and they don’t have an expiry date.

Outstanding Value.

Most marketing tools have limited shelf-lives; some, like letter-box flyers, are maybe only viewed once. Fridge magnets, on the other hand, last years and can be viewed thousands of times – all for a single one-time investment.

They’re not only cost-effective to print, they’re among the cheapest marketing tools per-view you can print.

Easy to distribute.

Because they’re useful, fridge magnets are very easy to distribute. You can hand them out directly to customers, pack them in every shipment, send them to a targeted audience via direct-mail, pass them out at trade shows and other events.

Fridge Magnets are useful

Magnets are popular, because they are decorative and are a useful item (messages, photos can be posted with them). Potential clients will remember you and your service due to constant exposure, they continuously attract attention.

Magnetic foils are durable; they retain shape, resist yellowing, darkening and aging and last for years.

How to Generate Your Google Review Link

Free Google Review link generation

Creating a direct link to your Google My Business review window can be accomplished in a couple of ways.

Generating reviews for your business shouldn’t be a painful process. Keep it simple, and show them how to do it.

Create a link from Google Search

Step 1. On your computer, search for your business using Google.

Step 2. Find your business listing and click Write a review.

Step 3. Copy and paste the URL you see in your address bar.

If these steps don’t work for you,
you’ll need to use the PlaceID Lookup Tool instead.

Create a link using the PlaceID Lookup Tool

Step 1. Go to the Google Places API.

Step 2. Enter your business name in the “Enter a location” field at the top of the map.

Step 3. Click your business name in the list that appears.

Step 4. Your Place ID will appear on the map, beneath your business name.

Step 5. Add your Place ID to the following URL after the equals sign to create your link:

When customers click your link, they’ll be able to rate your business and leave a review. Learn how to read and reply to customer reviews

Handy Tip

Shorten your URL using bitly

Create a shortened version of the long code above and get the added benefit of setting up tracking on that particular link. Simply paste the long URL and click SHORTEN. Bitly will give you a shortened link that is easier to paste.

Like this sample.

Now send to your clients and start getting Google reviews.

Why online reviews are important

Local search engines love online reviews.

Online reviews matter when it comes to attracting more customers and helping them to choose between your company and your competition.

With Google dominating online searches, Google business reviews are an essential ranking signal for local SEO. So it makes sense that you work on getting reviews on your Google My Business page.

Google My Business helps businesses to manage their information that appears in maps and search results all in one place.

With local search results, Google will show a series of businesses in the area which is known as the “local pack” It is from here that your potential customers will see your information like your address, phone number and reviews that people have written about you.

Not only do reviews help you with your click-through rate, they can also help your business appear in the local pack in the first place.

Important Handy Tips

Contact Happy Customers
It should go without saying, but it is recommended to request reviews from happy customers. As they act as the best brand advocates. Do not ask customers who appear upset or dissatisfied as they may leave a bad review and damage your reputation.

Get Your Timing Right
This one is a fine line between not asking too early and not asking too late. Too early and your customer may not have got the full benefits of your product or service and may simply not have an opinion on it yet. Too late and that initial sense of impressiveness you created may have faded.

Educate Your Customers on How to Leave a Review
Hand out cards, add a link to your digital invoices or ask customers as they’re paying the bill. Don’t be shy. You can also create a page or blog post on your website with instructions on how to leave a Google review. For many people, the hardest part is simply not knowing how to do it. That’s where mediaBoss comes in, we’re here to help you with ideas on how to ask.

Generating reviews for your business shouldn’t be a painful process. Keep it simple, remind your customers, and show them how to do it.

website design Perth

Ask and you shall receive …

Please Note. Your customers will need a Google account to be able to leave one.

You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t think to ask for a review. Don’t be afraid to ask clients if they’d be happy to leave you a review. If you tell them how important it is to you and your business, they’re more than likely to take the time to leave one.

How to ask for Google My Business Reviews

Write a personal Email
A simple email asking customers to leave a review is a quick and easy method of receiving feedback. Your email could read something like this:

Dear [client’s name]

Thank you for your business. We really appreciate your support and feedback, and truly value you as a customer.

Our goal is to provide the very best products/service and we are always looking for ways to improve. We would love to hear your feedback, and I would be incredibly grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to write a quick Google review for us. 

To submit your review, simply click the link below and let us know what you think.

[add your link here]

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. Your feedback is highly appreciated and important to us and I look forward to reading your comments.

Many thanks,
[your name]

Integrate with your Email Marketing
If you have an email marketing campaign then you have a huge opportunity to ask people for reviews. Ask people what they thought of your business or services and encourage them to write a review if they were impressed. If you don’t have one, contact creative imagery for help.

Add a “Call to Action” to your Email  Signature
“Happy with our service? Please leave us a review on Google.” Adding a simple call to action like this in your default email signature can generate a decent amount of reviews on its own. Think about how many emails you send each month. Adding a link to your signature can be the easiest way to get a boost in your review count.

Now for the most important part…


Let’s get started.

If you have a project that we might be able to help with,
then we’d love to hear from you…

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